7.2. utilsΒΆ

It contains utility classes and functions.

The utils module contains classes and functions of general utility used in multiple places throughout schedula. Some of these are graph-specific algorithms while others are more python tricks.

The utils module is composed of submodules to make organization clearer. The submodules are fairly different from each other, but the main uniting theme is that all of these submodules are not specific to a particularly schedula application.


The utils module is composed of submodules that can be accessed separately. However, they are all also included in the base module. Thus, as an example, schedula.utils.gen.Token and schedula.utils.Token are different names for the same class (Token). The schedula.utils.Token usage is preferred as this allows the internal organization to be changed if it is deemed necessary.


alg It contains basic algorithms, numerical tricks, and data processing tasks.
asy It contains functions to dispatch asynchronously and in parallel.
base It provides a base class for dispatcher objects.
blue It provides a Blueprint class to construct a Dispatcher and SubDispatch objects.
cst It provides constants data node ids and values.
des It provides tools to find data, function, and sub-dispatcher node description.
drw It provides functions to plot dispatcher map and workflow.
dsp It provides tools to create models with the Dispatcher.
exc Defines the dispatcher exception.
gen It contains classes and functions of general utility.
io It provides functions to read and save a dispatcher from/to files.
sol It provides a solution class for dispatch result.
web It provides functions to build a flask app from a dispatcher.