2. Installation

To install it use (with root privileges):

$ pip install schedula

or download the last git version and use (with root privileges):

$ python setup.py install

2.1. Install extras

Some additional functionality is enabled installing the following extras:

  • io: enables to read/write functions (see : ).
  • plot: enables the plot of the Dispatcher model and workflow (see plot()).
  • web: enables to build a dispatcher Flask app (see web()).
  • sphinx: enables the sphinx extension directives (i.e., autosummary and dispatcher).
  • parallel: enables the parallel execution of Dispatcher model.

To install schedula and all extras, do:

$ pip install schedula[all]


plot extra requires Graphviz. Make sure that the directory containing the dot executable is on your systems’ path. If you have not you can install it from its download page.